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Nightmares, they’re scary, but what if they’re more. What if rather than something to be afraid of, nightmares are jewels to be unfolded, explored, enjoyed and cherished. Of course nightmares can be painful and bring back experiences we would rather forget, but sometimes they bring the gold, the stuff that we’ve been looking for.

The enemy’s approaching, you’re chased or suddenly dying, how can that be good?

It is!

You see, dreams reveal the patterns to your life. Your nightmares may just be the messenger of change. Change you want, change you crave and change that calls you in your unsettled moments, those times in life when you’re bored, stuck or confused.

We all get stuck in a pattern; one way of doing things. There’s a part of us that just doesn’t want to change, it loves the status quo. “Why change” it says. But there’s another part that knows it’s just not working, it has to change. It’s a battle of mythical proportions, two sides of the coin, one titan against another.

And the whole show is played out in your night time visions.

So the one that is chasing you, stalking you, annoying you, or killing you, may be your friend, it’s saying “it’s still not working perhaps it’s time to change”. You see dreams are symbolic; of course you hate or fear that part, it’s new, scary and unknown, but it’s necessary. We’re all scared; the changer by its very nature brings death. All great stories have a casualty and this one’s an epic, it’s your life and some characters are going to have to go. But here’s the saving grace; birth follows death, that’s the change and it’s happening around us all the time, it’s natural. Those around you may not necessarily like it or be able to support you, they may dislike change even more than you, but it’s happening anyway, whether you or they like it or not.

Somehow life just wants to evolve.

So next time you’re in a nightmare, enjoy the show, this time the villain may just win and change will finally work its magic.

Happy dreaming!

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