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Natural Cycles

While hanging out with Joseph Campbell, two intertwined ideas rocked my world. We all know them really, they are fundamental truths, those reoccurring myths and stories that have been traditionally passed down. And I reckon they’re good.

1. If a society misses the moments of an individual’s development, cracks begin to appear. Traditional ceremonies allow passage into new phases of life and support the individual, family and social structures. As the old dies the new is reborn; it’s natural.

In many traditional societies boys leave their mothers to be initiated into secret men’s business and move into their adult phase; death and birth. I’m not so sure that getting blind with your mates on a Saturday night counts.

And now it seems that we are ending up with a Peter Pan culture, endlessly obsessed with the pursuit of youth and the avoidance of developmental aging.

If vital ceremonies are lost they’ll continue in the realm of the subconscious haunting us in dreams, nightmares, relationship issues, body symptoms and life synchronicities.

They’re happening, just in a split off sort of way.

2. Death and re-birth is unavoidable. The idea that we can bring back what worked in the past misses a fundamental law, if it’s dead its dead. Sometimes the parrot just isn’t sleeping. A society that holds onto an outdated idea, system or belief is doomed to fail. If it’s not working it’s not working; it’s broken. It can just as easily fall apart as you keep the status quo.

Maybe you’re moving deckchairs around the Titanic?

It’s worth a thought. You may just need to birth something new.
And perhaps that’s the whole GFC?

Check out Joseph Campbell’s and his book: The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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