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Looking for sparks

I think this is interesting. You see some things never take. It’s like trying to light wet wood; when you work really hard something gets going, but it never really takes and amounts to so little. Stop working and it’s gone, like it never existed. The input to output is all out of whack.

It’s better if you can to find the stuff that’s ready to go; one match and you’re away.

And I notice in my life that there’s wet and dry wood: The stuff that ignites and the stuff that just wont.  The stuff that puts me on fire and the stuff that leaves me soggy and damp. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way it is. Sure you learn from the tussle, but at some point you have to turn in and ask where is the spark, where is the flame that’s ready to go.

Sometimes you can’t push, sometimes you just have to sit, breath and notice where the next spark is telling you to go.

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