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Living with Duality

One of the great foundational wisdoms of eastern thought is that of polarities, it’s an ancient idea, one not isolated to the east alone. Polarities resulted in the bible as soon as Adam ate the apple and unity was lost to the duality of him and her.
And so we live in a world of duality, of yin and yang, high and low, up and down, right and wrong, but here’s the trick; as soon as you stand on one side the other also exists. You think you’re right therefore somewhere in someone else’s mind, you my friend are wrong. It’s just the way it is; you think the world is this way therefore somewhere someone thinks that it is that.
So that’s the first trick, knowing that it’s all split up. Now you don’t have to take things so personally, it’s the way it is, like gravity.
But here’s the second act, just when you think you have the first part mastered:
You have to stand and choose a side knowing that the other will always exist. It’s personal; it’s what you’re here to do, it’s what you’re called to do, because if you don’t, nothing really happens, and you float from one side to the other, and that’s hell.
Polarities exist, so take a side.
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