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Life and Death

Often I spend time with my impending demise.

Now warning; if thinking about your mortality gets you down, makes you depressed or just doesn’t do much for you, forget this blog. If you’re Ok, read on.

Many of the eastern and western traditions realised that there’s a problem with thinking you’ll live forever.

Firstly, you won’t.

Secondly, we spend much of our time as a society avoiding our fate and placing faith in science to solve the problem; it won’t.

Thirdly, we can miss a life that interests us if we think that it’s OK to put off today for tomorrow and believe that it won’t just end; at some point it will.

Hopefully we grow older and wiser. Often, after we hit fifty, things change and we realise there’s more time behind than ahead.

So next time you’re out exercising and have thoughts of a heart attack, a bus hitting you, or a sudden cancer scare, don’t get morbid; use it.

Death has a way of fading your worries; and helping you to get on with your most important job, living.

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