and make the ordinary extraordinary

Letters from the Fringe

The fringe is stalking you, pushing its way into your life. You’ll find it in your dreams, your moods, your passions and your story, and when you find it you need to share it. Fringe dwellers live passionately, follow their dreams and change. It’s never very static at the fringe, but always interesting. Where all the remarkable stuff happens, that’s the fringe!
Before the blog became what it is today it was the domain of a few at the fringe. Ideas take hold, reach critical mass and become central, crossing over from the outside and materialising. When you’re living at the fringe, life is dynamic, it keeps moving. The speed of change previously meant that static living flourished, but information, communication and ideas now move rapidly and are shared cheaply by the masses rather than controlled by a few. Ideas that are authentic and connect to the time will prosper.
We now have choice.
What’s next is up to you.
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