and make the ordinary extraordinary

Do less, discover more

Busyness is frequently another justification for getting nothing done, nothing particularly interesting or important to you, anyway.

I was noticing people daydreaming, doing little and momentarily not achieving a lot, and I had to catch myself. Because that’s the gold: when you catch what’s happening in the background of your life. It’s when you suddenly notice that voice, that voice that’s telling you to get cracking and achieve something more, more than you presently are. And it isn’t necessarily bad; there are times when you need to get cracking and develop whom it is that you genuinely are. But this wasn’t one of those moments. I was lucky; I caught it and extricate myself from my usual way.

You see, constant unchecked doing can tip you to the side of, “more of the same”. Change, radical change comes about through occupying creative time in the void of “the self”; unknown, terrifying and jam-packed with opportunity and potential; where new and unsought ideas have the space to mingle and arise.

Of course at some point doing has to occur, but filling every second was never the answer we were looking for.

And who knows what you’ll unearth as you sit back, give time and discover the full potential of the “unproductive you”.

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