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Jumping In and Out

Have you ever felt unwelcomed or felt like you were not on the inside of a group, like you were more of an outsider? From time to time, we can all feel like an outsider. In business,
if you want it to grow, it is critical to understand, identify and deal with ‘insider-outsider’ relationships. If you have a business that you are content with, and don’t need to grow, then you can hold onto your inside circle. However, if growth and expansion of your tribe is what you want, then your inside circle needs to open to the outside.

As an outside consumer or member of a group you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can walk away, EASY, but may be an unsatisfying option. Your second option however is a little more fun, so try this next time you feel like an outsider.

You walk into a bike shop and are waiting to be served and you are ignored for the third time. You know that you have been seen. Finally you’re asked, “can I help you?” (with an obvious hint that says “I can’t be bothered helping you”). You realise at this point that you are dealing with an insider culture, “You are not one of us. You are not a cyclist”. Bam, you’re an outsider. You feel like a child again waiting in line to be served at the canteen. You feel ignored. So pick it up and get a little more ignorant. This is now time to discover your insider.

If you wait to be served you will become a victim and this will result in feelings of anger and frustration (neither of which will help you get what you’re there for). Don’t wait to be served. Make a bit of noise, grunt a little, walk in confidently and express what it is that you are there for. That ought to do it. Problem solved with immediate service because they can’t resist helping someone who pushes their way in to their circle.

Become an insider wherever you go. For some of us this is natural, but if this is a little tough for you there is a way out, and remember there’s lots of opportunities to practice, For example, shopping for clothes, attending a mum’s group for the first time, meeting your partner’s family or taking your car to the mechanics. Any of these situations can result in you feeling like you’re on the outside looking in. Sometimes you just need to pick up the inside culture and identify when you are being treated as an outsider.

And for businesses, wake up to your inside culture and change. Learn ways to identify clients who feel like outsiders and invite them inside. We have a choice and we, the consumers will go to where it is that makes us feel like we are an insider.

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