and make the ordinary extraordinary

It’s only a story, but everything is in there

Chances are you won’t build a suit and go save the world.

Chances are the way to the man of your dreams won’t be as a girl of the night.

Chances are your team won’t win the finals starting out from dead last.

But there’s something in the stories that they tell; there’s something in them as they trigger something embryonic inside. Like a dream they awaken us to a part that has hidden deep within.

Our hero is quiet and reminds you that your path may not be loud.

Our hero is lost and you remember that your path won’t always be straight.

Our hero walks a long road and reminds you that your arrival may be in no time soon.

And our hero may open you to…

It’s why I like the hero tales so much as it tells us about us: the lives that we live and the roads that we’re on. They tell us what it takes to be human and the courage that it requires. They tell us to never give up and always hang on. They tell us that we’re all in it together and that we’re sharing this joint dream.

And we’re drawn to them, the hero stories, because they too are our own. The hero is us that must do battle with that dragon. The hero is us that must save the girl. The hero is us that must make that choice between our right and our wrong.

Our story is told over and over again, the story of who we are and where we must go.

And if we miss it, it’ll be playing again tomorrow.

Because it’s the eternal story that has been playing since the beginning of time, the story of you.

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