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Inner and Outer; Where Worlds Collide

The Outer World of money, ‘stuff” and doing. The Inner World of dreams, passion and fantasies.

Two seemingly opposite worlds that collide and collapse into one; make your allegiance one sided and the other may stalk you down.

Side too strongly with your inner world and you may forget to go to work, but usually it’s the other way around, the outer world holds the domain.

I’m all for stuff and have a bit of it myself, but when we sell out our dreams for the dollar, trouble is just around the corner. Waking to do what you are not particularly interested in, or worse still, hate, day after day can put you into a destructive pattern of survival. I’m not necessarily saying quit you day job, but take some time for a little inner space.

I am fascinated with what people want to do with their life, what it is that they are passionate about; what we all really want to do when we grow up. Reject these inner experiences and they will grab you and send you into a mid life tail spin. The truth is, often we just don’t know what it is we would really like to do and feel shy to explore and share.

For me I’m a fan of the dream culture. Yes fan meaning fanatic. I like this word, don’t we all just want to be fanatical about something? Your inner world of dreams is your guiding light to unfold your patterns and make sense of your experiences. Your dreams are rhythms that follow you through life, contain your myth, your heroic tale and mirror back your wholeness that is trying to emerge.

What is it that you would do if you were truly free? What is your gift?

Believe in your dreams, do battle with your critic and fight for your freedom.

Find more in your life that you are passionate about and bring more balance to your inner and outer worlds!

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