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In your comfort zone

It wasn’t long ago that the popular thought was to push as we strived to live outside our comfort zone, beyond the edge of our everyday limits. It seemed to be the consensus, so we followed. But more and more it seems not to work, not in the way we had first hoped.

Sure, I get the theory, you extend yourself and your comfort zone expands, and it’s all good in theory, but in practice it may leave us a little shaky as the continual pushing wears us out.

If radical and permanent change is to occur then there needs to be another option, one that will put you smack bang in your comfort zone, and this time you’ll never want out.

OK, so that doesn’t mean you can sit at home and watch reruns of Murder She Wrote, that’s unlikely to make any of the radical shifts that you are looking for and not what this is about.

What this is about is making a fundamental change to your life and the way in which you live it.

The problem isn’t when you’re in your comfort zone, the problem happens when you’re out of it. Does this mean that you will never be challenged again? No! What it does mean is that when you are challenged you will do the work on the run and get yourself back in your zone as quickly as you can.

When going for a job who gets the position?

When the pressure is on who do you want?

And when there are so many choices who gets the contract?

It’s not the one who is freaking out.

No, it’s the one who seems like they’ve done it a million times before, the individual who is at home with them selves, the individual that feels comfortable with who it is they are.

It’s not always easy but it’s worth a thought next time you feel yourself outside your zone. Acknowledge how you feel and then get back into you as quickly as you can.

Because the only thing that you’re really here to do is be you!

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