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Implementing a new life skill

This morning I created five blog posts in my head, and that was just before breakfast. Ideas seem to come so fast at times that I can miss them as new thoughts fire up and leave me missing the previous three. I think that we’re all like that once we get going.
So here’s a new life skill that I’m starting to implement:
Before I go to Facebook, Twitter or any other number of time consuming websites, I have to do, make, construct or produce something creative. It’s not that those sites don’t give me inspiration, knowledge and thrill, they do, they enrich and stimulate how I feel, but if that’s all I’m doing I’ve missed the creative angle and a vital piece of the puzzle.
You see, I now think we have to create, I think it’s who we are and how we change the world, our world.
It’s a flip!
It used to be research first create later, but that’s just too risky a move. I’ve ended up researching till the cows come home and we have no cows.
Now it’s create now research later.
That way the work gets done. 

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