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If It Matters, Burn Your Boats

I know sometimes it’s tough and I think of that quote, “It never gets easier, you just get better.”
And it’s true.
I was thinking back to when I first started as an Acupuncturist on the Gold Coast and how I built a really successful practice. Initially it was really, really tough. And yep, at times I thought what have I done, why would I take this path?
But here’s the secret to my success: I never gave up, in fact I couldn’t, I had no choice, I felt called.  This was the path that I most wanted to take, the one that I had to take, the one that I had a financial stake in. But more than anything, I felt no way out.
And so it took grit and stubbornness and stupidity and belief and courage and ignorance and stamina and, slowly, I got better.
It reminds me of that Spanish conquest story where the leader orders the burning of the boats, leaving his men with no way back, no escape.  Forward became their only route.
And it felt like that.
If you choose something hard (and I think you should), something that matters, matters to you, then you have to burn your boats and leave yourself no way out.
As steal is forged in fire, so will your path shape you and make you better.
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