and make the ordinary extraordinary

How to make the world a better place, One garden at a time. Ps. We are giving stuff away.

So over Christmas I got thinking about how to make 2012 more interesting than ever. And then while on holiday we got a little too much sun. Not over the top lobster red, but a little more of the summer rays than we would have liked. So we went to the garden and grabbed ourselves a piece of Aloe Vera.  If you have never used Aloe Vera on sun burn then you must, it’s extraordinary.  And that’s when I got an idea…
I realised that the world will be a better place when every home has an Aloe Vera plant.  Even if all you have is a small veranda, you can stick it in a pot and it will work.  If you live in hotter regions like we do in Queensland it’s essential, you have no choice.  Suddenly you have your own pharmacy at hand, it’s not mixed with alcohol or other preservatives, and it just keeps growing. Seriously, if you live on the Gold Coast it will grow like crazy.
So if I want to make the world a better place what do I have to do?  Then I got it.  I went out to the gardening shop, got some little holders to put some dirt into and grabbed some baby Aloe Vera plants from our garden and stuck in a hundred of them. That’s how you have a good time on holidays!
Now what?  I’m about to give them away to anyone who wants them.  Not quite yet, but very soon.  So as soon as they are ready I’ll give you a yell and come in and grab one and change your life.  You don’t have to come into Studio Qi for a treatment, just pop in and say hi and there will be one waiting for you.
And then we’ll make the world a better place.  See you soon.  Brad.
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