and make the ordinary extraordinary

How to get free.

freeSo you want to get free:

Unfortunately it’s unlikely to happen doing more hours.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely to happen doing more of the same.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely to happen doing what doesn’t work.

Unfortunately  it’s unlikely to be found doing more of what you hate.


Freedom is found in the shadows.

In those parts that scare you, as they threaten to tear apart your everyday world.

It’s those nightmares that your everyday self hopes will finally leave you alone.

But they wont. They’ll only get bigger.

Because they’re only terrifying to the part that’s keeping together the way that it was.

You’ve had moments before when everything changed: in your childhood when life took you away from the way you were told it would be. For me it was when we ran wild in the bush, tops off feet bare, or when the weekend finally arrived and we would escape the system of the week to hang on a rock.

It’s those things that rescue us from our mundane and remind us of who it is we really are.

You can’t escape it, not until you start to play the game that you were always meant to play.

And once again we run wild and free.



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