and make the ordinary extraordinary

Grow your vision and share it

If your idea, dream or vision comes from the fringe (that is, outside today’s cultural view), find ways to support it, so you can bring it to fruition. Ideas and imagination can change this world; we often just need to give them some time to grow. Have the courage to follow it, your hero’s journey. As with all heroic tales you will be tested, otherwise it would not be the hero’s path.

Find a community that inspires and holds your vision. The benefit of this information age is the ability to share your view with anyone who wants to listen and find others that are creating and sharing theirs.

Share your vision, put it out there and get absorbed into it. The more we share ideas, the more they will grow and this world will change. It’s already changing like never before. Our dreams now manifest quicker than any time in history; we have the ability to become magical.

In the past it worked to get hold of and hide information, but accelerated growth comes from freely sharing our vision, and from one vision comes two.

Let your vision inspire; let it grow.

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