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Going a Little Mad

I was thinking maybe the problem is that we’re all a little too sane. I don’t want to make light of madness, but where have all the wild eccentrics gone?

Did we breed them out? A systematic program of normalness; education to extinction. The wild at heart left to the realm of myth, legend and storytelling.

I think it’s the wild nature that we’re looking for, those on the fringe at the edge of change, who have the courage to go where no other has gone.

Remove all the risk and you move to a platform of standardisation, measurement and sterility.

Is the obsession with standardisation the obstacle to change?

Standards are not all bad. I like my train lines parallel and prefer the maker of my climbing rope doesn’t get too creative, but it seems at times uniformity can rob us of magic, inspiration and passion; those moments of spontaneity when genius arises in us all.

Maybe it’s time for a revolution where visionaries and radicals are supported to play, risk, develop and inspire us to live interesting lives.

When things get too sane we’re following the herd. OK if it’s your path, but if not, we’re in trouble.

Of course it’s impossible; it’s never been done. So let’s revolt, our sanity’s the limit, those fixed unshakable boundaries; those on the fringe shake up the edge.

So what do you do when you decide to change the game?

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