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Giving up

I’ve been off coffee for a month now; I use to drink about four cups a week. No alcohol in a month; I was a bottle of wine a fortnight man, then I gave it all up. 
For one reason and one reason only, to feel the very best that I possibly can.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti stuff, do what works for you, but for me something had to change.
Now I’m ready to find my drunk. I don’t mean that I’m falling off the wagon. No, what I’m interested in is finding the state behind the substance; the euphoria, the state in the background, the drunk without the bottle.
Too often we give up our coffee and lose our ritual with it. In our modern era of rationalism the urban ceremonies may be our last connection to the mystical. If something has to go (though it doesn’t have to, nothing need change) the baby can stay, it’s the bath water that’s out.
If coffee wakes you up, keep waking up, if alcohol facilitates relationship hunt for a friend and if smoking gives you time out, stalk the space between the notes. Now you get the pros without the cons.
Now you can get on with the stuff that’s important and feel the best that you possibly can.
I’m off for my ceremony, alcohol free, catch you later.
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