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Getting Ideas Out

I was inspired by an idea that bombarded me from different directions simultaneously; hence, I couldn’t let it go.
And it somehow happens to be the opposite of that standard phrase you hear of “think before you speak or act”.
Don’t get me wrong, this can be good advice, and yes, I got it.
But here’s the but: Who is doing the thinking?
If the thinking process involves the killing, maiming or bastardising of the original idea that came from a moment of inspiration, the process may be flawed. If suddenly the inner thought police are telling you that you’re crazy to have an idea in the first place, the creative momentum is likely to come to a grinding halt as you end up spiting out the remains of what was once a gourmet idea.
Of course the right inner levers can move you in a positive direction; have an artist on the inside and you’ll add cream to your sauce.
But if your internal dialogue is ready to extinguish any resembles of a flame, you may be in trouble.
In that case I think there is only one thing to do: get it out, as quickly as possible, while the process is still alive.
P.S I wrote this real quick.
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