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Get Disorientated

If at times you are like me and feel that life is shaking you up; maybe you’re a little too orientated! Fair enough if it’s all going well, but have you ever noticed a pattern in the background (life), disorientating you and waking you to a new direction?

Signals are all around: When our ceiling fell in, reorientate, when a three meter snake arrived in our kitchen, reorientate, when our washing machine flooded our floor, reorientate.

Life gets frustrating when you don’t wrestle your power; that energy that is trying to wake up inside of you. It’s a potential, like the splitting of the atom. It plays small but then…BOOM.

If you’re feeling downed, like a ceiling has fallen on your head, convert it; like a martial artist converts their opponents energy force. Convert it, and then multiply it!!

Critics can get you down; wrestling the opposing force may be just what you need.

Get disorientated, wrestle your opponent, and play with your ally, that force in the background.

That’s the way to go.

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