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Floods Change Everything

Yes, it’s a Queensland thing: the floods, the trauma and what everyone is going through. It’s painful and incredibly tough. But it’s more than a local phenomena, it’s not that isolated, it’s a human experience and it touches all of us, awakening a deeper nature. Through the waves of grief we care, this time for each other.

I’m driving; there’s gentleness to this road, momentarily we’re all seen for whom it is we are.

Previously: alone, isolated, too busy to care, but events like these change all that.

They have to, they’re meant to.

No, this one’s global.

We’re stopped as nature takes precedence, its paths too strong. At some point there’s nothing more to do, so we wait until it subsides.

What comes next?

Next we rebuild: build houses, build homes, build schools and build businesses.

But most of all, we build communities.

That’s the job we all have, the opportunity that waits.

Perhaps it has already begun; it arrived that day with the first storm cloud.

You see, it’s not just a Queensland thing.

We’re all in this one together.

All of us.

Because, we’re neighbours.

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