and make the ordinary extraordinary

Flip it

I have sincerely met some great people who have touched and influenced my life, but I was thinking that at times, in the presence of Greatness, it can make us feel ordinary. Sometimes it feels like we have little to give and lack any real gift or talent, that the answers to complex issues are outside our scope, and that only another could possibly be blessed to have the answers that the world is looking for.

How do we deal with losing our power and turning our life into a reoccurring bore?

It’s time to flip it, flip this idea on its head.

Have you ever noticed that the truly great individuals are those that have possessed an incredible humility to see the gifts that we all carry and point the way back, to us?

Remember, greatness is not only in the others that you see, though this is true, but it is also a reflection of the genius that resides within you. Obscured from the world and self, it can be frightening to share, or difficult to access.

Life seems to be patterned around poles that interact and dance with each other, the one calling the other to wake you up and unveil your world; to see it as it truly is.

It’s a big idea that you’re not as small as you may think you are; that you have something great to give, a gift to share and a myth to live. That when you do your work, the work that you are here to do, it brings light, deepening the relationship that we are all participating in.

We live in a world and a time that no longer wants you to only bring what the system has taught, but rather asks for what it is that you have to give, what it is that you bring?

Problems arise when we forget who it is that we really are. Turn your back on yourself and things get dull and barren.

So, whenever you see brilliance, enjoy, celebrate and flip it. After all, it’s only you. It’s more fun that way, why not live it.

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