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Finding your risk

If it’s the interesting stuff that you really want to do, the stuff that has meaning to you, then you’re going to have to put your “shirking of risk” off to the side. I’m not necessarily talking about the life threatening stuff, but rather those things that hone your intent and bring you to life.

You see this in the energy that exists with the approach of a storm. We awaken with urgency and get doing what has to be done.

It’s the same when we climb: The rock focuses our intent ensuring we get off it alive.

But it’s also that risk when you put yourself in front of a crowd and share what it is that you do. When you share who you are and where it is that you stand. It’s that product you launch or that story you tell. It’s the death defying moment when you balance between enormous successes and a catastrophic fall.

But until you leap and take that risk you will never really know. Because that’s the way it works, you have to join in and show us your hand.

Ultimately, it’s the risk that makes it worthwhile, it’s the risk that directs you and demands that you focus with all that you’ve got.

It’s the risk that brings you alive.

It’s the risk that says:

Focus my friend, for now it’s your turn.

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