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Finding your life path | One way to help you find your direction

“I would have each one be very careful to find and pursue his own way, and not his father’s or his mother’s or his neighbor’s instead.” Henry David Thoreau.
And so for most of us freedom is not found in the history of those that came before us, but rather in our own path which we alone must uncover. And as freedom becomes the principle of what we look for a war begins that challenges us to pick up our weapons and do battle for our cause. But this time our armament is awareness, an awareness that directs us away from our path of safety to beyond our status quo.
And those that came before were also blessed with the fight as they acknowledge your stand.
Back to the Beginning
Because your father did or didn’t and your grandfather before him, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is or isn’t the direction for you. Only you can honestly decide. But there are ways of finding your direction other than those that are hereditary:
You have a calling, a rhythm that has been with you throughout your life, your real job is to notice it.
As a child you may have wanted to be a ballerina or an astronaut, but now your sixty-one or twenty-three and your toes just wont take the ordeal. What then?  Then you have to notice what it is that you dreamed, in your nightly visions as well as your daytime fantasies, and notice what it was about space or movement that inspired you, what it was that you loved about of the ideal, because it’s alive and it needs to get out.
So it’s a meditation where you have to drop your everyday disbelief and remember what it was that made you soar. Was it the adventure or the thrill or the art or the creativity? Whatever it was it’s in there, ready to be infused into this world with your own kind of you.
For me my nighttime dreams were blended with a mad radical clown that rode his nights on a fire truck terrifying my slumber and continuing his reign into my waking hours like a shadow stirring my life if things became too plain. And nature became my ally inspiring and calling me to adventure as it reminded me of how it was to feel free. And yes, once the fire fighter was part of the plan, but that vision is no longer part of my scheme. But it all somehow remains blended as freedom mixes with adventure and a dash of mad and radical to make my spirit sing and direct me in which way to go.
And so I’m guided in what I do and what I don’t by the moods and irritabilities that inform me to whether my path is off or on.
Inside all of us is a light that guides us in which way to go as life reflects back the joy in which we experience this world.
So, put simply
1.      Notice what it is that you loved to do.
2.      Notice how it made you feel.
3.      Notice how this could be added to your life immediately.
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