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Finding your backer


Previously I waited, hoping that the supporters would finally appear, that I would be seen and that they would finally choose me. Then I realised that it was a floored theory and that it was me who had to make the choice, I had to back myself.

It’s good to have others there to support you, to back you up, but the most important thing you can do is pick it up, your power, back yourself and give yourself the support you need.

Back yourself and you don’t have to wait around and hope that they will finally turn up.

Back yourself and you don’t have to prey that they will finally discover who it is that you really are.

Back yourself and you can start today, you can get on with it and do what it is that you’re really here to do.

Back yourself, I mean really back yourself and they’ll see who it is that you are.

Because sometimes they won’t have the vision, sometime you have to show them how it goes.

Sometimes they’re looking for you to show them the way.

Sure you can wait and see, but in my opinion that is just far to risky an approach.

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