and make the ordinary extraordinary

Especially if it brings change!

FunFor too long we listened, when they had nothing to say.

I remember them as kids, the ones that said “get down from that tree before you get hurt”, or, “get off that roof”,or,”get out of the rain before you catch a cold”.


And so we hid our adventures way out of sight.

And it continues: as we climb, something I’ve done most of my life, a helicopter is waving us down even though we go no higher that three feet from the ground.

But the greatest danger is not that we’ll fall or catch a cold, those dangers are small and rarely life threatening (even when climbing if you know what you’re doing), no the greatest danger is that we’ll internalise those figures, the ones that tell us we can’t, and we’ll make them our own. Because then nothing happens, nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing interesting.

Because it’s time, time that we stopped hiding our adventures way out of sight, stopped listening to their cries and begun sharing our thrill with the world, even if it scares them.

Especially if it brings change!

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