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Drop Your Burden

The story of self-sacrifice has been told since the beginning of time, blended within religions, histories, myths and fables and today incorporated into our modern movies. From war casualties to eternal super heroes our protagonists give their lives for something more than themselves. Their stories seep into our lives until we finally, unconsciously make them our own as we strive for the hero within. It’s a reoccurring theme because it enlightens us to a life greater than one-self.

But this idea of sacrifice for the good of the ‘group’, while noble can be fraught with danger, especially if it’s a long-term strategy, especially when we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Because lost within the idea of giving to the world is the fundamental truth that you too are this world that you’re attempting to change. To ignore ‘you’ is to ignore the whole. If you really want to give then you’ll have to count yourself in.

If what you’re doing is leaving you fatigued rather than lifting you up, then somewhere in your life something is amiss. An unsustainable selfless approach will ultimately leave you with nothing left to give.

If you are committed to your cause, and building it up, whether that’s your family, your country, your community or where ever it is that you feel drawn, then you’re going to have to be part of the plan. Because when you’re energized and on top of your game you can really give back, like never before. If you want to give to your children, then give them an energized you. If you want to give to your lover, then give them a whole you. If you want to give to your cause then show them the way and make who you are something that others will choose to want to be.

Of course if your entire life has been all about you and your own satisfaction then this blog isn’t for you, you need that other one, the one about fulfillment through giving. But for most of us who fall exhaustedly into the category of nothing left to give, this is your blog.

Because the answer to “I have nothing left to give” is never “I’ll give a little more”. There’s only so much blood that one person can share.

You too have the right to be who it is that you are.

You too have the right to feel abundantly full.

You too have the right to feel absolutely free.

You too have the right to feel purpose in life.

You too are exactly what this world needs.

So drop your burden and go find out who it is you are.

Because that’s what you have to share with this world.

And that’ll change everything.


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