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Dreams and life

snake dreaming

Snake Dreaming

While our lives might look ordinary there is in fact something extraordinary going on.

One minute I’m running from goannas next minute they’re chasing me. I’m challenged by rearing snakes and diving into darkened pools. It’s difficult to unravel the dream from the world as it all meshes together in a world of synchronicity, intuition and serendipity.

I’m lifting the tail of a snake as I remove it from our chicken pen, this is happening, then suddenly I’m in a dream and I am the snake and it’s handler as well.

The dreams have become part of my everyday world, but sometimes I forget and tell myself a different story. One that’s far less interesting. One that doesn’t really work.

Fact and fiction blur. Which truth do you want?

Because all of it is needed, not just the old one we’ve been telling ourselves.

As we follow the path not yet laid.



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