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Doing the work

After reading Julie Diamond’s blog of ideas of the future self, listening to a podcast by Seth Godin and reading the fictional characters of the Fremen in Dune who develop out of the difficult desert planet, I got thinking.

There are many ways of doing things.

For instance, you can go shopping and jump straight into the person that you wish to be as you rack it up to tomorrow and deal with it in the future. Lets face it, it’s feels good that you can now get that house and car and TV screen of your dreams. And of course this is ok, but the price may become too high if you trade todays work for tomorrow; putting of the price of the debt that will at some point have to be paid.

I think it’s better to do the work, today, the work that you have to do, the work that  you’re called to do, the work that scares you, as you go without and develop your future, today, and move into the person that you will become.

Poverty can of course crush us, but for most of us a little less luxury and going without may just help us to forge who it is that we wish to become tomorrow.

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