and make the ordinary extraordinary

Discover a dream and change your life!

Dreams are rich fields of information that unravel and guide our direction as they mirror back a less known view of life to the dreamer.  You can look up your dream dictionary but they tend to be hit and miss, I prefer to unfold the signals left by the dreamy shadows myself.

The Dream

I awoke from a dream in which I’m travelling by train.

Unfolding the dreaming

Trains carry us to other worlds; we start in a city and end in the country or vice versa; beginning in a place more known and arriving in a space somewhat foreign. There’s a beginning an ending and a beginning again. And as the train proceeds we are forced to stop, enclosed by its field as we remain motionless within a moving world, forced to observe the landscape that surrounds.

The life changer

Your success will not necessarily come from doing more but rather observing and noticing more. Your success will not necessarily come from where you are but rather where it is that you need to be, that place that is a little more unknown. Slowing down and noticing the fields and nuances that surround you is your job at hand, as you are challenged to enter those places that you fear. It’s slower, but dramatically more optimal than working blindingly where it is that you are; doing more of the same will not necessarily lead to the success you desire.

The hard part becomes going where it is that you must, to that place that scares you, because there’s a part that must die. It takes faith and courage to step into the unknown with no more than a dream, but it’s all that we have, and all we need.

The train, that was my dream, but it’s a dreaming that we share, together!

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