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What can stop you dead in your tracks before you’ve even started? The Critic!

Some of us deal well with the Critic, believing so much in what we do that we dont care much for the opinions of others. But for many of us, especially if you are new to something, negative comments can hurt. I know, toughen up! But toughness develops in time and a Critic can throw you off project before you’ve even started!

While Critics can be outer figures, like friends and family, they can also be inner characters that give you a rough time- negative self talk. Give them too much power and you wont get started. Instead, you’ll stick to what you know, and do what it is you do. In a changing world, that can be dangerous.

When you’re new at something it needs time to develop. People often feel like they are helping, but often they’re not. We dont judge a baby on its first steps, we celebrate. You hold the vision, not them.

We need ideas out the box.

I think it’s time we turned the critic off. Turn it off and hold your vision, give it time to develop. Give it the best possible chance.

New ideas. New visions. New plans.

And as for the critic, well I think we can give it a rest, it’s exhausting being a critic.

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