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Consulting Your Future Self

I just got back from a great workshop run by Julie Diamond ( that stimulated some great ideas that may get you thinking.

When we get into debt today we trust that our future self will be able to deal with it. That by deferring payments until tomorrow, our future self will be more skilled at making our commitments. The problem that arises is that our future self has not been consulted. How does the you of your future feel about its burden? It’s an interesting idea.

What to do? Try this. Get some advice from someone who knows about your future, from an elder who has trodden life’s path. Get in contact with your future self. Why wait until you’re ninety to get advice. Give this a go.

Drop your everyday awareness for a moment and move into a more meditative state. Become your ninety year old self; take your time, give yourself a moment and really get in and experience it. Notice how it feels, what you think, and how you view life. Trust your experience and move deeply into this state. Once you’ve got it, let it speak, let it advise you and enjoy the wisdom the ninety year old you has to share. Go ahead and find out all that you have to offer.

It’s sometimes difficult to know which way to go, so getting all the support and advice available from today and tomorrow can help. A wise advisor, one that has your best interests in mind, that you can check in at any time you like, with no appointment necessary, could be just what you need.

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