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Changing Views: The pros and cons of rigidity.

I’ve been noticing that many people have opinions that are unshakable. That, “it’s just the way it is”, and at times I envy them, that they can stand so strong.
There’s a level of freedom that their belief bestows as they avoid the internal challenge that the other side would bring. Look at a forum or a political party and their convict would have you believe that the other side has gone mad. And in a world of complete uncertainty, (these may be the last words you ever read) there is comfort in conviction.

Of course I too can stand for my beliefs, and at times need to more. It’s best to believe in gravity and not jump from too great a height, but generally life seems to be a great deal more mixed. Rarely is it purely good or evil, right or wrong. It’s our perspective that informs our view.

Perhaps it’s my training as an acupuncturist or my interest in “life as a process” that colours my vision. Life to me so often seems intertwined, a dance where right and wrong play together with each a part of the other. It’s impossible in this world of duality to have good without evil, they remain relative with even a monsters having seeds of love that only their family may see.

And both sides become right depending on where it is you stand, and while we all have a tendency to stand to one side I think there’s freedom in the ability to understand another perspective. Even if fighting your enemy is what you wish to do, understanding them will surely serve you well, ideally the fight will end, but if it must be you’re better positioned if you understand their game.

But the greatest danger we face as we stand rigid in a world that is forever transforming, is that we solidify our view and lose the greatest skill that we can possess, the ability to “change”.

And yes, everything I’ve written has the other side too.



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