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That Path

The hero’s path, when broken down, is nothing more than your own unique way. It’s hard because it goes against the status quo and how they tell you to perform. But here’s the problem: The more you avoid it, your authentic path, the larger it’ll grow. Like a monster in the cupboard, it’ll build momentum and vie for your attention. Try as you may, it’ll never leave you alone. We’re lucky that...

Are you getting it done?

How’s it going, are you spending 30 minutes a day getting done what needs to get done? Spend 30 minutes and it may suddenly become 2 hours. Drop 30 minutes of TV and believe and invest in your dream, and get done what matters. It’s revolutionizing my life.

Work to your style

Thinking about this: The importance of working to your style. Go against it and it never really works. Because it worked for them may mean it’s a disaster for you. Be inspired but always be you. Just a thought for the week.

You are Wild

We all have to conform at times, but get too tied in and you can forget that it’s not the only you. Find people, places and things that remind that you’re wild at heart. Have a wild day. Brad

Do the Work

I’m doing a practice of 30 minutes a day, minium, 5 days a week, working on a project that I want off the ground. Inspiration or not 30 minutes gets done. Do the work that you have to do, then magical things happen. It’s a revolutionary practice. Give it a try.

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