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Care or I’ll leave

It’s a new world, now we can choose!
It’s no longer a threat, it’s just the way it is.
I’m talking to our bank and they just don’t care. I mean they genuinely couldn’t give a stuff, they’re too big.
Our phone and internet company leaves me on hold after the confusion of 5 computerized questions for 15 minutes to change a direct debt, that’s to pay them. I have to wait; they’ll charge me a fee if I don’t. They don’t give a stuff, not really, they’re just too big.
Our big phone company gives us what they assure is a great winning deal on our business phone, we change to the little guy and suddenly were saving $200 a month, interesting.
Here we were with the big guys paying a premium, but what was it for.
This is not a complaint, no, it’s too late for that, the relationship broke down, they didn’t want to hear, I’m gone, the horse has bolted, the relationship is done and I’m changing. Occupy Burleigh has begun.
Don’t get me wrong, its not that I’m “anti the big guy”, not at all, this is not about size, what I am anti is non-caring. Care or you loose, care or I’ll leave, care because we humans thrive on it, its like air to our soul, forget it and I’m out of here.
Sure loyalty is great, you can stick it out because its what you know, I did for years, but when it’s no longer working and suddenly your saving thousands and I mean thousands, it’s time to say goodbye.
And that‘s what I like most about our modern world. Now we have the choice, now we have the Internet, now we can find our perfect fit.
A dollar is important but it’ not everything, the new economy says care, care, care, but genuinely care, authentically care, because if the relationship breaks down, if we stop talking, if we both stop winning, then, it’s over.

It was good while it lasted, but when it is done it’s done, I’m out, free at last.

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