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Boredom is the Facilitator of Creativity

When my boys complain that they’re bored I remind them “that boredom is the facilitator of creativity”. And you guessed it, they hate that one, but it’s true, not only for them but for us as well.

I too can find myself sitting waiting and hoping that the experience will soon pass, until I remind myself of my reoccurring advise.

Okay, so it can be that we need to sit in silence and become the observer of life, that’s valuable too.

But sometimes we’ve fallen asleep and we just can’t wake up. At that point something is needed that will generate some thrill.

Generally it’ll take a little effort, and sometimes you just don’t feel like putting much in, but every time you add a little in you get a whole lot more out.

You have to start and get creating, who knows what it is that you’ll discover was hidden inside.

Throw out the old and get cracking on the new. Have a fire and burn the lot down. Sell it all. And do something that really interests you.

Next time you’re feeling a little bored tell yourself “ that boredom is the facilitator of creativity”, and get creating and generate something that makes it all worthwhile.

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