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Beyond the Basics

I like Maslow’s idea: You need to get the basics right; food, water, health and shelter, but once you have that sorted, what next?

I think at this point you get the opportunity to ask three important questions:

1. What has meaning for me?
2. How can I make a difference?
3. What is it that I am genuinely and deeply interested in?

Even at a time of economic crisis, wealth, comfort and opportunity abound for many of us in the west; we open our fridge and its all there.

To be, have and enjoy enough. I realise that not everyone is in this place of privilege and may need to get what Maslow pointed out as the basics right, but for those of us who are comfortable (and this may be most of us) what may be missing is the benefit of rest, a reduction in our consuming and time to find what it is that has value to us. If we constantly push to learn, achieve, and be more, we miss the moment to arrive and enjoy who it is that we are.

It’s a scary thought that we may just be missing the whole show.

With nothing to do or achieve, there’s time for the important stuff, the stuff that matters to you, or at least the time to find out what makes sense.

It’s a radical thought really, a simple philosophy rarely adopted.

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