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Beginners Mind

We’re trained from birth to shape our world, to make sense of what’s going on. We go to school, accrue some knowledge, grow older and finally arrive at a place where we feel that we have it together.

It’s helpful of course, but it does make me wonder.

Does our new found self hide a brittle nature? Do we trade the fluid for structure?

A rock is hard, it’s structured, buts its strength can also be its short fall, drop it from a plane…..!

There’s a tightening that seems to occur with time, sure I work against it, I try to stretch it out, but it’s more than just a body experience.

It reminds me of those Taoist tales; the stories where the young sapling moves and flexes with the wind while the old branch remains solid, unmovable, until a gust large enough snaps it from its base and sends it hurtling. There have been times in my own life when I had it together, or so I thought, but life has a clown like nature, it likes to laugh and flip us, suddenly I’m falling, I never saw it coming.

I like rock climbing. It’s a Taoist art. Try to control it, you’re off. No the moments when it all comes together are when you shape yourself, follow the rock and surrender to what it wants you to do. You find your rock nature and a relationship begins. It’s a dance.

Perhaps that’s what those Zen practitioners have been trying to teach us “Beginners Mind”. Without the veil of time and experience a beginner sees the world afresh and new.

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