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Becoming an Eternal Student

Student learning

Student learning. Photo by CollegeDegrees360

Becoming an eternal student doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll relentlessly attend formal classes, though you might. Rather it’s about using all the tools that you currently possess to change things up and move in the direction you are called.

We have everything we will ever need.

Our bodies will teach us how to heal. Our desires will teach us directions to head, and our dreams will inform us of hurdles to jump.

Even those nightmares we dream at night hold the answers that we so desperately seek. They’re scary because they threaten the way everything is, terrifying that part of us that wants nothing to change as it holds to the status quo.

Our desires open us to paths that our rationality resists; beyond the “I” that we so willingly defend.

And our bodies scream with signals of joy and pain, encouraging us towards necessary change.

It’s all there, everything we will ever need. All we need do is listen, awaken and become the eternal student.

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