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Become a Beginner!

While mountain biking I had an idea, and yes, I admit it, I’m a beginner.

Try something new, become a beginner.

We all get a kick out of doing what we are experienced at and have done for years. But become a beginner and you get an instant hit, an exponential improvement that only a learner can know, especially if your new experience gets a hold. Once you’re experienced it’s just harder to get that same jump in improvement.

Get into something that turns you on; too often we’re just turned off. This can only lead to decline and physical aging. Old age doesn’t just get you at seventy, eighty or one hundred, it gets you when you stop responding dynamically to new experiences, thus becoming stuck and holding onto one particular rigid system. So stay dynamic and stay young.

Find new things that you love to do and spend time doing them. Too often we become busy doing what we don’t particularly like. If you don’t know what fires you then spend time contemplating, meditating and figuring out what it is.

We often play it safe and do what it is we know, this can be useful, but it can also become boring and lead to mood lingering depression. Sticking to what you know may be the most dangerous thing that you can do.

Avoid living a life that doesn’t interest you. Get creating; it’s a blank canvas, your blank canvas, so get some colour, texture and complexity into it and fill it out. Let it speak your life, your story. Given the chance who knows what it is that you could design?

Have fun, play and enjoy.

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