and make the ordinary extraordinary


I’ve been thinking about authenticity, and noticing how important it may be; to be congruent with your own deep nature. Not being authentic may have worked in the past; you may have worked in a job you didn’t like or been someone that didn’t really interest you, but it just doesn’t cut it anymore. You can do what it is that you don’t want to do for a while but it catches up. It gets you.

We all have a myth, a heroic mission, a calling that we want to throw ourselves into. It’s stalked you all your life and while you may not have picked it up, it continues to call. We all show a mask from time to time, fair enough, it may even be beneficial at times; the difficulty comes when we push away our own nature.

This is the hero’s journey that we must take, or at least be called to. It’s true that you need do nothing, but you will be called. A calling to your life, your authentic nature, the one that only you can say is truly yours. Reject your path and it may turn to stone, the consequences of a life that feels barren as you lose connection.

It’s an interesting journey we’re on, that at a time of crisis, when we feel we are losing everything, we find jewels. We see our nature, are called to awaken to it, and find that it may be bigger than we might have first thought. Sometimes it’s ok to lose yourself, part of it anyway, and find that what remains is your own authentic self.

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