and make the ordinary extraordinary

Are you a radical?

rock climbing

You see, rock climbing did something to me.

It took me into nature, into a world where I felt at home and allowed me to challenge myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

And it somehow changed my chemistry, it made me more radical, less conventional. It made me aspire for something more.

But I think most of us have lived in a world where we don’t quite fit, and I think that that’s important.

In the past someone told us that this is the way the world must be, our world, and we believed them, because they  somehow knew better.

But they didn’t, they couldn’t, it’s not possible. Only you can know.

Because I think that we’re all radicals, weird in our own unique way, ready to create it in a way that has not yet been done.

Now we choose, who’s opinion we value more, ours or theirs, and then get cracking.

I would love to know where it is that you feel at home, where it is that you feel your radical self. Leave a comment and let me know .


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