and make the ordinary extraordinary

And so I came crashing down!

As I came crashing down off my kids’ new motorbike a few things came running through my head. Firstly, this is going to hurt, and it did. Not in a major get me too hospital sort of way, no, more of a, this graze is going to hurt like hell and leave me swearing through my clenched teeth as I wash it off scenario. Realistically though my pride took a bigger hit than my body.
I love, care and cherish having my children in my life, they mean the world to me, but in that moment when gravity was drawing me to its fateful conclusion I thought,  “ I’ve got to stop bleeding for my kids”.
It’s a metaphor. I’m learning. Somewhere in the “we” there has to be a “me”, it’s just a thought, one worth having before we next draw blood. It’s a little less painful that way.

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