and make the ordinary extraordinary


Brad FennellSwitch the Story is a manifestation of my passion to help others reinvent their story, the one that they are and have always been called to.

Throughout my life I have noticed that inside of us resides a path that beats. We can ignore it but it refuses to ignore us. It calls throughout our lives enticing us to journey towards freedom. That freedom has been and continues to be my consistent ally.

I believe that at our core we are wild and free, that our life was not meant to be ordinary. That change, extraordinary living and adventure drive us. This blog is committed to sharing and encouraging you to join with me on a journey in which we change the world, our world and follow a radical path that facilitates change on the inside and out; in work, life and play.

I live on the Australian Gold Coast with my wife and three boys. Thanks for joining the adventure!
Brad Fennell
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