and make the ordinary extraordinary

A new paradigm for change

I’ve come from a pushing background where achievement came through goal orientated striving. I’m sure it can work, but it didn’t, not for me, not in the way that I thought that it would.
But somehow something changed and it worked out better than I could have planned, in fact I could never have really planned it.
It’s funny how change can occur; you need change nothing, change itself encircles us. Like dreams, you needn’t remember them; they work their moods throughout your day.
Suffering seems to happen when our external views get in the way of what is trying to occur. Often who it is that we’re becoming is opposed to what others and we think.  Pain arises when we feel trapped by an identity that no longer fits.
We couldn’t get our new premises together, as much as we tried it wouldn’t work. When it came to designing a new house, not a chance. Push as hard as we liked it would not budge.  We knew it wasn’t right but felt caught by feelings of having to do something.
We forgot that something was happening all along as life delivered us the prospect of a new life, extensions, sun soaked dreaming and holiday laughs; spontaneously.
Sometimes the only thing to do is give up and get out of the way.
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